KSEL Projects

Cable Car for London

KSEL was the Independent reviewer of the Safety Case. We provided guidance and support in the production of the systems safety documentation.

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Emirates Air Line

Project Value: £60m

Cooling the Tube

KSEL was the Systems Engineering Manager: managing a team responsible for systems engineering, RAMS, Human Factors, requirements management (using DOORS®). We were involved in writing the Systems Engineering Management Plan, the RAMS plan, the FRACAS procedure, the Functional Specification, undertaking QRAs, prioritising stations for implementation of the cooling solution, setting the RAMS targets and ensuring that the installed systems meet those targets.

As one of 6 discipline leads on the project KSEL was given authorised delegated responsibility for London Underground ED asset engineers. KSEL staff are still being asked to provide systems engineering support 9 years into the programme.

Project Value: £500m

Overview: The platform temperatures during summer for each of the underground stations is expected to rise. As a consequence of ongoing research into passenger thermal comfort, the CTP has proposed a platform temperature criterion of 29C being the target maximum temperature.

A core team of multi-disciplined engineering resources was set up to identify, manage and co-ordinate the delivery of the cooling and ventilation solution and systems, which are needed for the London Underground network.

Possible options identified for subsurface station cooling include using groundwater, installation of additional or new chiller units, improving existing ventilation systems and installing new ventilation systems. It is feasible that additional options will be considered as the CTP progresses.