Jura Nature's Island

Jura Nature’s Island

Jura Nature's Island

Throughout July 2018, I spent 3 weeks on the Isle of Jura filming a wildlife documentary. During this time I met some amazing people, and got to experience a lot of the local culture. From the fabled Fell Race, to the Jura Whisky Festival, I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. The residents here and staff of the Jura Hotel were incredibly welcoming, and very helpful when it came to navigating the island and finding the wildlife. The visitors to the island were equally as charming, and shared with me their stories and experiences they had here. The amount of people that befriended and helped me during this project are too many to list, but if they are reading this, thank you so much for making this project so special.

I encountered some absolutely amazing wildlife throughout filming, and spending 3 weeks there allowed me to experience some repeat encounters. One such example of this, were some Mute Swan cygnets that were born just as I arrived. Witnessing them grow and experience the challenges of early life was something I feel honoured to have been able to film. This gave me a great narrative to work with as a progression of time throughout the documentary. Many of my other wildlife experiences were equally wonderful, and some more surprising to witness. I shall leave those to be seen and explained within the documentary.

As with any 3 weeks spent filming, I had my fair share of challenges to overcome. These challenges were not just physical, such as trekking the island and climbing the Beinn a’Chaolais, but also equipment related. My camera unfortunately does not support a shotgun microphone for recording audio, so a Tascam had to placed on top in order to record decent sound. The weight of the video tripod head, the camera, and the tascam eventually took its toll on the base plate of my tripod. The screw became so loosened that any camera footage obtained on the tripod within the last week of the trip was too shaky. I had to resort to handheld, resting the camera on rocks and the floor for a more stable shot. My wide angle was also malfunctioning, but my kit lens served well enough for landscape shots. My Action Camera also stopped working (the battery door was no longer holding it in place). You may be thinking at this stage that this was a cursed trip! But i learned from these challenges and I’m quite happy with the end result. The documentary can be found on YouTube, and is 30 minutes long https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhHriDobLxQ&t=12s. Hope you enjoy the watch!

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